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vendredi 13 décembre 2019

L'invention de la semaine

Le brevet US8099375 met en oeuvre un débat entre Aristote, Galilée et Einstein.

The computer implemented life form (CILF) is a belief program which excludes all three of the classical logic paradigms, it can then (at least for discussion purposes) be considered derived from a form of “non-classical” logic. Certainly, even the mere idea that reality itself could possibly be nothing more than a simulation, could easily be considered a new (neo-classical) and useful form of non-classical thought. The programming methods used by the CILF are non-computational, meaning they will not generate any independent fact or data. Instead, the CILF programming method will merely check data to form a state of belief or doubt upon the input data from which a new and improved data store can be more correctly and effectively established.

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