vendredi 13 mars 2015

L'invention de la semaine

Un lecteur me signale cette invention : un distributeur de mouchoir à la fois "artistique" et "occupant peu d'espace", si l'on en croit la revendication 1.

1. An accommodating and positioning device of tissue paper case, comprising: a suspending main body, its exterior is designed in a predetermined decorative form, for hanging in an automobile vehicle or indoors, and an accommodation space is disposed at the axial bottom side of the suspending main body inside the tissue paper case such that the slit of the tissue paper case for drawing the tissue paper always faces downward, so that the tissue paper can be drawn out of the tissue case very easily due to the gravitational force on the tissue paper, and such structure attains the functions of not occupying too much space, definite drawing of tissue paper, and artistic look. 


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