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vendredi 21 octobre 2016

L'invention de la semaine

Cette semaine une invention qui rappelle le "vaccin contre la mort" présenté en ces lieux il y a quelques années.
Il s'agit ici d'une méthode d'élimination du virus VIH de l'âme.

demande US2014039420

Revendication: This invention, Dr. Courtney Henderson's Cure for HIV of the Soul, is a Novel, Innovative, and Non-Obvious Invention which truly works. Dr. Henderson's ideas are genuine, and Dr. Henderson performed the Engineering and perfected the invention. Dr. Henderson's Invention can NOT be modified NOR can variations be made without consulting Dr. Henderson regarding her expertise. Danger may result if modifications and variations are applied without the proper experience or educational background in Computational Biology and/or Aeronautical Engineering. Dr. Courtney Henderson's Cure for HIV of the Soul usually works within two “washings” and should be used judiciously, not over-zealously. If the process is not followed, as specified, overdoseage or a drowning effect may occur. Judicious applications each on separate days are curative. This invention was invented and dedicated just for the Soul . . .

Bien que la revendication précise que l'invention est nouvelle et non évidente, l'USPTO a tout de même rejeté la demande, non sans avoir eu auparavant une discussion téléphonique avec l'inventrice.

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5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Le compte-rendu de la discussion téléphponique vaut vraiment le détour ! L'examinateur a surement eu beaucoup de succès à la pause café ce jour-là avec cette histoire :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Examinateur, c'est parfois un métier à risque!

Anonyme a dit…

Ah oui, le dossier vaut vraiment le détour. Voici l'intégrale du compte-rendu de l'entretien daté du 22 mai 2015:

22 mai 2015:

Continuation of Substance of Interview including description of the general nature of what was agreed to if an agreement was reached, or any other comments: Examiner informed Applicant how to timely file amendments to the drawings and specification, along with relevant extension of time fees.

Applicant set forth that the instant application was reviewd by an engineering firm and a team of 10 patent attorneys who helped draft the claim. The Examiner explained that claims should be in single-sentence format, and Applicant may file additional claims in order to introduce new limitations to the parent claim. Examiner suggested that Applicant claim the steps of the method argued by Applicant. The Examiner pointed Applicant to the Wainwright and Davidner references for examples on how to write a proper claim.

Applicant disclosed that the soul of the present invention is descibed by the CIA and religious doctrines, and asserted that she was not permitted to use the words “mind, body, and soul” in her application, since the terms were already patented. The Examiner explained to Applicant that words or phrases are not eligible for patent protection.

The Examiner advised the Applicant on how to effect drawing changes, specifically that the reference numerals from the specification should be added to the drawings as explanation.

Applicant explained that it is necessary for her to obtain this patent because the invention is being used. Applicant noted that she was the first person to come up with this invention and people have stolen the ideas and have been paid trillions of dollars.

Examiner explained to Applicant that the invention, as claimed, does not fall into the statutory categories of invention: process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter. Applicant argued that the invention is a method for curing HIV. The Examiner asked for objective evidence of results of the procedure, and Applicant submitted that the use of the method was secret, and such evidence is not easily obtained.

The Examiner advised Applicant to consult the Inventors Assistance Center (1-800-786-91 99) for assistance with form completion and filing. Applicant noted that she has been working on this invention since 2011 and has consulted attorneys and invention consultants at Thoughts to Paper, and is confident that her idea is patentable. The Examiner explained to Applicant that ideas or theories are not eligible for patent protection. Applicant expressed frustration that she has been working on this concept for four years and indicated that she may contact her Congressional representative for assistance.

In an effort to understand the idea, the Examiner asked Applicant some details about the disclosed treatment.

Applicant noted that the practice does not involve patients, as this is not traditional medicine, but, rather, engineering.

The disclosed process extracts the virus from the system with space-age equipment that zaps the virus out of the body.

A common person would not receive this invention. The invention washes the virus out by rinsing from the soul, not the body.

The Examiner asked Applicant to clarify what, exactly comprises a soul. Applicant indicated that the soul was defined in the Bible.

After some discussion of the soul,” Applicant asked whether it was permissible to change the term soul” to “interior of the body.” The Examiner indicatd that such a change was impermissible for introducing new matter, prohibited by 35 USC 112.

Applicant argued that the professionals she hired assisted in claim drafting, so the claim should be valid. The Examiner suggested that the Applicant was given inferior counsel and advised Applicant to get her consultants to draft a better claim. Applicant agreed and will contact the Examiner after she has consulted with her advisors.

Anonyme a dit…

Allez voir les revendications du 30 octobre 2015. C'est quand même beaucoup plus clair.

Anonyme a dit…

Il est vrai que le compte rendu du 22 mai vaut son pesant de cacahuètes. L'examinateur a du savourer ce moment où il a fallu le rédiger de manière purement factuelle, résistant à l'envie de glisser un ou deux commentaires ici ou là.

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