vendredi 5 février 2016

L'invention de la semaine

A teddy bear having pliable and movable arms for hugging, comprising:
a) a teddy bear having a head, a torso, a pair of arms with paws and a pair of legs;
b) each of said arms being pliable and movable and being connected to each side of said torso of said teddy bear;
c) each of said arms having a sleeve section thereon with a sleeve opening therethrough;
d) means for connecting each of said sleeve sections to each of said arms, respectively;
e) each of said sleeve openings for inserting and receiving a human arm into each of said sleeve sections for hugging said teddy bear; and
f) said torso-of said teddy bear being used as a pillow for receiving the user's head thereon.

Demande US20070238387

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