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vendredi 24 juin 2016

L'invention de la semaine

Cette semaine une invention d'actualité : un lit destiné aux sportifs.


 1. A bed comprising: 
a plurality of block components each with inner and outer surfaces and with releasable tongue-and-groove edge connectors connecting to adjacent ones of the components; the components, when arranged and interconnected, defining a ring with sides and ends and an access area, the ring defining an open area therein large enough for a person to sleep; at least some of the components including a horizontal slot along a lower portion, and including a panel that slidably engages the components and both interlocks the components against disconnection in a vertical direction and also serves as a mattress support; and wherein at least one of the block components has a height lower than others of the block components, the one block component providing an access into the open area.

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