vendredi 28 août 2015

L'invention de la semaine

L'invention a pour objet un dispositif pour stopper le hoquet.

A device for curing hiccups, comprising:
- a metallic cup-like vessel being a first electrode for producing electricity adapted to be applied to the lip of the user; and
- a second electrode electrically insulated from said first electrode being affixed to said vessel and extending from a point substantially within said vessel to a point substantially above a rim of the vessel.

A method of curing hiccups, comprising:
- applying a first electrical current of one potential to the lower lip of the patient; and
- applying a second electrical current of a different potential from said one potential to the facial skin of the patient.

Brevet US7062320

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Anonyme a dit…

On pourrait mettre des glaçons dans le gobelet, comme ça on aura un hoquet sur glace.

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