vendredi 4 décembre 2015

L'invention de la semaine

Le brevet US6739933 a pour objet un dispositif de support de boisson portable.

1. A wearable drink holder apparatus comprising:a removable drink container comprising a drinking conduit for suctioning liquid from said drink container; a body member composed of a soft outer layer material and having an interior compartment for securely encasing said drink container therewithin, wherein said body member is shapedly formed to simulate an animal or human body; support means for attaching said body member to a wearer's body; and a protuberance member extending from the top of said body member, wherein said protuberance member comprises a front face including a frontally mounted aperture for guiding said drinking conduit toward the wearer's face, said protuberance member including an interior cavity through which said drinking conduit extends from the said drink container to the exterior of said protuberance member and wherein said front face is shapedly formed to simulate an animal or human face. 

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