vendredi 5 décembre 2014

L'invention de la semaine

Brevet US5735075

1. A florist's gift box support intended to display a generally rectangular gift box in proximity to a floral bouquet mounted in an open mouthed container having floral foam for receiving the stalks of the bouquet, comprising:
a unitary, bent wire cradle having,
first and second back portions extending laterally in generally opposite directions from a vertical center axis,
first and second edge portions projecting in a forward direction from each of said back portions,
a front portion extending between the forward end of said edge portions, at least portions of said front portion being downwardly inclined relative to said central vertical axis to a predetermined position spaced below the bottom of the box,
a bottom portion positioned to underlie and support the bottom of the box, thereby permitting boxes of varying thickness relative to the forward projection of said cradle to be accommodated; and
at least one vertical leg integral with said cradle extending downwardly to pierce and be supported by the floral foam, thereby supporting the gift box in proximity to the bouquet.

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