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mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Bonne Année

Le blog du droit européen des brevets vous souhaite une bonne année remplie de joie, de réussite et de belles jurisprudences !


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an easy-to-reuse color changing toy as an interior decoration that can be repeatedly used, allows small children or the like to easily achieve exciting color changing effect. ; SOLUTION: The color changing toy 1 includes a plurality of transparent storing parts 21 with two or more tiers. In the toy, a liquid 6 is poured into the storing part 21 of the top container 2. When the storing part 21 is full, the liquid 6 is poured into the lower storing parts 21. Reversible thermal discoloration layers 3 are formed on inner peripheral faces or outer peripheral faces of the storing parts 21.

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3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Bonne année 2014 également!

Anonyme a dit…


Rimbaud a dit…

Bonne année, pleine de... billets !

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